Bratři 2009

A young man comforts his older brother's wife and children after he goes missing in Afghanistan.

All Titles
  • US: Brothers Brothers
  • AR: Hermanos Hermanos
  • BR: Entre Irmãos Entre Irmãos
  • BG: Братя Братя
  • CA: Frères Frères
  • CL: Hermanos Hermanos
  • HR: Zakon braće Zakon braće
  • DK: Brothers Brothers
  • EE: Vennad Vennad
  • FI: Veljekset Veljekset
  • DE: Brothers - Zwei Brüder. Eine Liebe Brothers - Zwei Brüder. Eine Liebe
  • GR: Brothers Brothers
  • HU: Testvérek Testvérek
  • IR: Baradarha Baradarha
  • JP: My Brother My Brother
  • LT: Broliai Broliai
  • MX: Entre hermanos Entre hermanos
  • PL: Bracia Bracia
  • PT: Entre Irmãos Entre Irmãos
  • RU: Братья Братья
  • RS: Braća Braća
  • SI: Brata Brata
  • ES: Brothers (Hermanos) Brothers (Hermanos)
  • TR: Kardesler Kardesler
  • UY: Hermanos Hermanos
Directed by Jim Sheridan show all movies of Jim Sheridan
Artists Natalie Portman
as Grace Cahill
Tobey Maguire
as Capt. Sam Cahill
Sam Shepard
as Hank Cahill
Release date 04 Dec 2009
Genre Drama War
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